Friday, March 06, 2015

Where The Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains Meet The Pacific

Port of call:  Huatulco, Mexico.  Located on the Pacific Coast in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the area is known for its nine bays, the Bahías de Huatulco.  Our excursion in this port was a short walk into town, then a relaxing ride along the coast in a 44-foot cutter sloop sailboat, a swim at a nearby beach cove, and then back to the boat.

We were docked next to a U.S. Coast Guard ship.  That's Eddie there on the dock between the boats. 

 From the beach, the cruise ship dwarfed the U.S. Coast Guard boat.
This is the beach area right in front of the cruise ship dock.  We did not swim here and I'm always suspect of anyone who does.  Why would you want to swim in water so close to wear giant cruise ships dock?  I don't know, seems icky to me.
 This area, like many other towns we visited, had an abundant supply of bougainvillea.  
Here's one of the buildings on the main drag with shops selling tourist stuff - shirts, jewelry, tote bags, beach gear.
More stores lining the main drag, with girls as young as six years old selling wooden toys, bookmarks, and fans to tourists passing by.
A tienda on the way to the town square with a little cafe upstairs (on the right, with the blue umbrella).
Part of the town square area.
 A local maintenance crew member sweeping with a hand-crafted broom.
Right behind the main row of shops, in front of the condos and residences on the hillside, was the inner harbor.  This is where our sailboat departed from.
And here's a pelican and a few birds we saw bobbing in the water as we sailed off to tour the bays and beaches.
I liked Huatulco.  The beach areas we visited - not the one by the cruise ship - were really beautiful.  I think I'd go back.

Although, if we did ever visit again, I think we'd be staying here.  

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