Thursday, October 01, 2015

Moab Is The Place For Premium Baked Goods

Ed and the Wildcat 4x4 we rented to explore the rock trails in Moab, Utah at Sand Flats Recreation Area.

We only stopped in Moab so I could pop in to the Sweet Cravings Bakery and pick up a few of their amazing Oatmeal Cranberry cookies.

When I got back to the truck, Ed told me he'd been eyeballing the rental place and thought we should do it. Of course I resisted, but walked over to the shop with him to check it out anyway.  I could tell he really wanted to go and the UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) had to be back in three hours, which was better than an all day ordeal, so I acquiesced. And the guy agreed to rent us the 4-seater for the price of the 2-seater, which was super nice of him. He said we'd be more comfortable, which now I think must be code for "fatties need bigger UTVs".

I will post more pictures and commentary about the trip, but it wasn't so bad, I actually enjoyed it and I'd do it again.

And Ed loved it!

So much so, I don't even think he realized he bought a $330.00 cookie.

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Mick said...

Hilarious! And also just the kinda photo I like, with a lotta brown in it.

Belledog said...

Glad you did this. Moab is on the sooner rather than later list for me. For biking. Overdue for seeing it, and Zion, and Banff, and ....

expatken said...

great photos and story, next time we're in Moab it's on our list!

The Daily Rant said...


BELLEDOG: Biking looks hard. You've gotta be in GOOD shape. I'd be dead if I tried to bike those rocks. LOL And although we've been through Banff, we've never really explored it. It's on my list too.

EXPATKEN: I think this part of the Southwest is definitely a place to be seen - I wouldn't live there, but it's certainly special scenery.