Sunday, October 04, 2015

Double The Gas

Hopi Travel Plaza in Holbrook, Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

My dad's side of the family is from that area - hence me being 1/4 Hopi. He grew up on their ranch they call Bluebird. It is amazing there - it is in a valley and everywhere around you is dead and brown except for their ranch. They have a spring that comes from under a rock and looks like the Garden of Eden. They grew every type of fruit and vegetable you can imagine and some are still grow on their own to this day with no gardening done.

I bring this up because my great-aunt is still running her Trading Post in Chamber, really close to this area. It is off I-40 on road US-191 maybe a mile or so up. She ran it with her full German husband (my uncle Tony who passed several years ago) and it has grown from what i remember it as a little girl from the small front store to a added two-story actual Trading Post (Kiyaaanii Gallery). He built them a two-story log cabin himself that is absolutely gorgeous behind the post. I remember them always have 8-9 rottweilers and doberman pincers to protect their property. My sister would go stay summers with them and help out in the store; I was always too young.

Anyway, if you happen to be in the area again - make sure you stop by and tell them you are a KAYE family friend. Turquoise, Kachina Dolls and other artifacts are known to be given away to tourists that Julie meets and likes - she is a tough one.

Safe travels!

Your NA Friend

The Daily Rant said...

MY NA FRIEND: Another interesting life fact from you! This is awesome, owning a trading post. I know it's a "store" to most people, but I like the idea of calling it a trading post and having that history behind it makes it a little more unique. Another little note I'll have to keep in the back of my mind. We never know when we'll be passing through! Thanks for taking the time to comment!