Monday, May 23, 2016

Go Further

We've been new car shopping.  Well, SUV shopping, mostly.

We've looked at Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Lincoln, Ford, GMC, and Chevy.

Today we changed our course and went to look at a pickup truck.

Ugh.  A pickup truck.  I'm so not a pickup truck kind of girl.

Oh, maybe in my meet-a-hot-cowboy-with-a-million-dollar-cattle-ranch-and-get-married-to-him fantasy, but not in reality.  I know I drive an 18-wheeler, but in real life, in my everyday car driving life, a pickup is just so unrefined.

Although, I have to be honest.  I was surprised.  They're actually quite nice inside.  And roomy.

So much freakin' room!  I can actually sit in the back of a crew cab and not bang my knees on the front seat. 

And they're luxuriously equipped, with all the bells and whistles.

I'm leaning toward the Ford F-150 Platinum.

I'm not sold on them yet, but I am considering the option.

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