Tuesday, January 24, 2017

C'mon In And Click The Links

Photo of my mother's front door wreath provided by...my mother.
Organizer porn.  This is what my house either looks like or will look like.  I've already bought ten of the large POP containers.  

Vancouver, BC is where my Canadian friends come from and where they plan to retire. Here are a few surprising secrets about the city.

This is an old article, but I think it's still important to be concerned about energy drink consumption.  I don't get it.  What's wrong with people that they need a drink for energy? I'm fat and 49 and not drinking this crap for get-up-and-go, yet 20-year-olds drink it by the vat.  Morons.

10 ways to master the Danish art of Hygge in your home.  But WTF is hygee, you ask?  Click here.

I've got four of the seven pretty much down, have to work on the other three if I want to age well. 

If you have to choose a neutral color - I'm in the process of deciding on one now - mushroom is a pretty good place to start.

Cats are smart, and jerks.  Gotta love that one with the balloon on his back.

An Iranian omelet.  Now this is one breakfast I can't wait to try!

Ways to decorate your front porch or entryway so everyone feels welcome.  

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