Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Make A Girl Feel Like She's On Top Of The World

So almost three weeks ago, Ed took me on a surprise trip to Mammoth Lakes, California to celebrate us being together for 13 years.  I mentioned this location in a previous post, with a promise to give you the rest of the story.

This is the rest of the story.  

We worked that day, and on the way home from our run, he said, "I know you don't like surprises, so I didn't want to tell you this earlier in the week because I didn't want you to bug me for three days about where we were going, but today when we get home, we're heading out on a trip for the weekend."  This revelation came just a few hours before we were to leave Tucson.  

Oh.  Well, of course, I had questions.  Mostly about what I should pack.  I'm a chronic over-packer, taking enough stuff for three weeks when I'm only leaving for three days.

What?  I have issues.

Mostly because depending on where we go I can't just "go out and buy something".  I'm full-figured, with a size 12 shoe, and that's just not something you find in hotel/airport/cruise ship gift shops.  I can't go buy a bathing suit if I forgot one.  T-shirts are made for average people, not plus people.  And it's highly unlikely they have sasquatch-sized sandals "in the back".  I know this.  I've traveled.

Ed said, "Bring two nice outfits, two casual outfits, sneakers, flip-flops.  You know, your normal stuff."

"Do I need a bathing suit?" I said.

"No, probably not.  I'm not bringing one." 

OK.  So I went home and packed everything in my closet.  Minus the bathing suit.

Our first night was spent in Vegas, the halfway mark, but the ride from Vegas toward California had me worried.  We were literally the only people on the road for most of the drive.  I was certain my fate was sealed.

"This is my last weekend on earth, isn't it?" I said to Ed.

He laughed.  "Why do you say that?"

"Because this is where people take bodies to be buried.  There can't possibly be anything out here to see.  Like, as a place to celebrate any kind of anniversary.  Well, unless it's the anniversary of dumping a body.  But, seriously, this is really remote."

Turns out it was the only way to get from where we were, to where we were going.  And it was worth it.
Late that afternoon, we checked into the Juniper Springs Resort.

Ed almost thought his plan was going awry because when he got to the front desk, they didn't have our reservation.  I was waiting in the car, so knew none of what was happening.  They eventually fixed it, upgrading us to a larger room.  When done, the girl at the desk said, "I hope this will work out for you."

Ed said, "As long as the room is non-smoking and it has air-conditioning, it'll be fine."

"Uhhh," she said.  "The room doesn't have air conditioning."

I would have freaked out if I heard that.  Ed knew it could mean trouble.  Me, in a room with no air-conditioning??

He said, "What do you mean you don't have air-conditioning?"

"We're a winter resort," the clerk said.  "None of the hotels up here have air conditioning.  Restaurants don't either."

When Ed told me, I said the same thing, "What do you mean they don't have air-conditioning??"  He relayed the conversation to me and well, what could we do?  

Thankfully, it was about 74 degrees, not too hot, like a mountain kind of 74 degrees and after checking my weather app, I realized it would get cooler at night and the hotel provided a few fans, so we'd be fine.  This was not the time to create a scene.
The next day we went out for a drive and took in the beautiful scenery.  We were nestled at the base of Mammoth Mountain and could see the snow-capped peaks from almost everywhere we drove.  We eventually wound up at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.  We planned to a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, something we'd done in other places and really enjoyed.  The place was very busy, with people in the parking lot walking around with snowboards and skis, dressed half in ski gear, half in summer clothes. It was so California to me.  I expected to see a girl in a bikini on skis.

We got our tickets for the gondola and headed up the mountain.  The scenery was beautiful.  Snow patches here and there on the lower part of the mountain, but more snow coverage once we got to the top.  The temperature at the summit, as listed on the information board, was 65 degrees.  Heaven.
We passed through McCoy Station, the gondola stop that's halfway up the mountain, before heading up to the top.  Ed was looking cute, taking pictures from the gondola, smiling as always.  
In addition to some skiers and snowboarders, there were a lot of mountain bikers who take the gondola up and ride the trails down.  I stopped and talked to one, a girl, who gave me the scoop on what that experience is like.  A lot of fun and a little scary is what she said.  The snow surrounding the edges of the mountain with signs warning not to get too close gave me all the information I needed in regard to how inclined I would be to attempt something like that.  So not my kind of thing.  
When we got to the top of the mountain, we started snapping pictures.  The view was far reaching, snow capping many of the highest peaks around us.  There was quite a wind, but it wasn't cold.  It was ideal.  I thought we were at the very top when Ed said, "Let's go to the summit."

I said, "Nah, this is okay for me.  You go."

"No, you have to go," he said.  "We're not at the top yet."

"What?  Another little hill?  This is top enough for me.  I don't want to climb up that hill.  Take pictures, I'll look at them later." I said.

But he insisted.  So I trudged up the hill behind him to the actual summit of the mountain. He was busy setting up his tripod and I was busy taking selfies, trying to get the view behind me. 

Then he asked me to stand in front of the view so he could adjust the camera.  He kept telling me to scoot back.  Toward the edge.  I said, "Is this one of those tricks where you keep telling me to back up until I fall off the mountain?"
He said, "No.  Just stand there.  You don't have to pose.  I just need to adjust the camera."  So I did what he said, still taking selfies, but not moving from that spot.
After Ed was done setting up the camera on the tripod, he came over to me to take the picture.  I expected him to stand next to me to face the camera, but he kneeled down in front of me.  I was thinking, what the hell is he doing? 

When he reached into his camera bag, I was still thinking he either dropped something, was tying his shoe, or something.  I was confused. Then he stood up, opened a small cream colored box, and presented me with a beautiful diamond ring. 

He said, "I brought you up here because I wanted to ask you to marry me."
Turns out he was setting up the camera to capture video of this moment.  What?

I started to cry.  I couldn't see.  I took my sunglasses off, then put them back on, then took them off again.  Wiped my eyes.  Looked at him, looked at the ring.

What did he just say?  Wait....what is going on? Is this really happening?? 

I think I blurted out, "Are you serious?  Really? Oh, my God. Why?"  Yeah, I know, probably not the thing to say.  I was really surprised.  Totally caught off guard.  Had NO idea.

He said, "Yes, I'm serious.  Yes, really.  And because I love you."  I started to cry again, gave him a huge hug, told him I loved him too, and then started to laugh.

Then I realized that I should probably give him an answer.  
I said, "Yes.  Definitely yes."

I got engaged, bitches!
This is the biggest surprise Ed has ever staged.  He's planned quite a few outings and slipped in a couple of surprises over the years.  Like the Louis Prima, Jr. concert in the park.

He's very good at keeping a secret.  This one he kept for months.  He only told two other people - my brother the clam, and our friend MacGyver.  Neither let it slip.  He picked and designed the ring himself - a beautiful oval stone perched on a stackable diamond band, knowing how much I like rings that stack.  Especially diamond ones.

My Eddie knows I love snow, cool temperatures, lush greenery, and trees.  And in order to create a special moment for me, he took me to the only place he could find, in the United States, that had snow.  Snow.  In July.

I am so lucky to have found such a good man, of good character, and superior human quality.  A man who is loving and kind and goofy and nerdy and hardworking and handsome and honest and mine.

I love you, Ed.  Thank you for this moment and all of the other moments we've had over thirteen years.  And thank you for bringing me to the snow!

I will never forget the day that Ed brought to the top of a mountain, eleven thousand fifty-three feet above sea level to ask me to be his wife.

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heather said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations to both of you!

Unknown said...

Holy Shit --- I saw the "Yes to the dress" post & I was like ... What ?? Wait -- did I miss the proposal ! Oh yeah, I was Fixin' to cuss you, Selena! LOL
CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you & Ed.
I wish you as many years as me and my sweet man, Philip. November 18 will be 39 years.
Much love and best wishes ,
Linda Collins
Okeechobee, FL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You will be a beautiful bride, cannot wait to see wedding pictures.

Way to go Ed!


The Daily Rant said...

HEATHER: Thank you so much! I think it’s kinda awesome too!

LINDA LOU COLLINS: I kinda thought that might be confusing, seeing the dress post before the engagement post, because of the way the blog dates scroll. But I know my readers are smart and they’d figure it out! LOL Thank you so much for the well-wishes! We’ve only got 26 more years to catch up with you and Philip! Are there any secrets you’d like to share? I’m hoping Philip will say the secret to a long and happy marriage is to just say “Yes, Dear”. I’ll need to share that with Ed if that’s the case. LOL Thanks again!

DEE: Thank you for the congrats! And thank you for the compliment on being a beautiful bride. Much appreciated! I’ll make sure to tell Ed you said, “Way to Go!”.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to my blogger friend!!!

Your NA friend - I had not read in a few weeks, so this was a great surprise and even made me cry. You and Ed deserve to be happy together. Hehe, I act like I know the both of you! My birthday weekend too!

Again, CONGRATS!!!

The Daily Rant said...

NA: Haven't seen you in a while! Glad you caught up on the latest "news". LOL Thanks for the congrats and well-wishes! Once a blog friend, always a blog friend! :)