Saturday, April 27, 2024

A Must See If You Get A-Round To It


I photographed the Brown Swiss Dairy barn over 14 years ago and while in Shipshewana, I thought I'd take another drive by it - round barns aren't very common.  

Later that year, I was asked if my photo could be used in a book titled 101 Things To Do In Shipshewana.  Here's the post that shows you where in the 101 things my picture is shown.  

This is the text from the page of that book regarding the barn:

"If you ask locals the shape of the "Prough Barn," they'll either reply that it is octagonal, or they will answer "round".  Historical records, however, state that it was built by Menno S. Yoder in 1908 as a model for a design of a 12-sided concrete barn that he wanted to sell to farmers.  Though Yoder's barn-making plans didn't take off, the barn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only polygonal barn in Indiana that is constructed of a material other than wood.  210 round and polygonal barns were built in Indiana from 1874-1936, perhaps more than any other state.  While not open to the public, the barn is interesting to drive by and see; just go one mile west of the Blue Gate on Middlebury-Shipshe Road.  Choose for yourself whether you'd call it octagonal or dodecagonal.  "Round" might be the easiest answer."

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