Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Between Two Cities

The interior of the vintage replica streetcar in Little Rock, Arkansas. This year will be its twentieth year in operation.  

They were built by the Gomaco Trolley Company.
It runs between downtown Little Rock and the Argenta Arts District, in North Little Rock, across the Arkansas River.
It does a short loop in downtown and then another short loop in Argenta.  The entire ride takes about 45 minutes.  And, it's free!
Our operator was named Virginia.  She narrated the entire route, pointing out interesting buildings, talking about the museums, and providing facts about the city.  She'd been driving the streetcar for about four years but was a city employee for seventeen years before that.  
It was a nice ride and worth taking to see a little bit of the city.  There are lots of restaurants and shops in both downtown and the Argenta District. 

If you have a chance, take the ride.  You'll find something you like.

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