Friday, September 23, 2005

38 Special

Today is my 38th Birthday. You do realize that's only TWO years away from 40, don't you?? Oh. My. God. Rather then dwelling on my age, which I've been doing for about a week now, I'm going to reminisce by looking at pictures of myself when I was young, thin and had not a care in the world. It's all about ME today.

Here I am at eleven months old and making sure I had chosen the right pair of sunglasses for my outfit. I was so stylish back then, everyone was borrowing my stuff. See that bow on my head? Do you know how it's staying there? Scotch Tape. That's right. I had NO hair when I was little, so my mother used to scotch tape a bow to my head. We were light years ahead of Velcro hair ornaments!

Here I am at three years, seven months old and riding a bike in my Grandfather's living room. Notice the ladylike way I'm straddling the thing. Niiiice.Easter, 1971. Bonnet, poncho, little girl purse, white leather gloves and patent leather shoes. I am so ready for the parade.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I'm three and a half years old and I look like June Carter Cash. Notice the fluffy blue slippers that match my nightgown. Oh, and check out the very fashionable goldleaf table and olive colored sateen couch. My family was all about the Mafia furniture.

Again with that hair! I was clearly wearing the crocheted beret years before J. Lo. Damn those style thieves! Isn't this outfit mod? That was my mother's favorite word, Mod. She still uses it today. "Oh, I like that outfit on you. You look so mod" I personally think the silver sequined clutch pulls the whole look together. Don't you? This was during my different coat for every outing phase. My hair is falling in a very delicate wave to my shoulders, grazing the top of my faux shearling and leather coat. I wore this on the weekends when we'd go feed the animals at the Bronx Zoo. You have to look good as you never know who you might meet.As I was nearing five years old, I switched to brighter colors. I thought it suited my older, sassier personality. Much like the shag haircut I'm sporting. This is so Jane Fonda in Klute.

That was such a refreshing trip down memory lane. I feel young and carefree again. I think I've been inspired to revive the June Carter Cash hair, the silver sequined clutch and the colorful coats. The shag hair...that will never be seen on my head again.

Happy Birthday To Me!!


momma of 2 said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for visiting the blog, and for what you did with the pic..I loved it! Totally frameworthy! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Love the hair styles of your youth, they are great!!
You were a cutie, and still are.

Anonymous said...

Always good to know that somebody is older than I am ;-).
May the coming years bring you nothing but joy and success.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Have a great birthday!! What a little cutie you were! I love all the styles and the comments were a riot!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Salena!!!!!!!
Wishing you the best and I hope knowing that I'm older by 8 months helps out with the age thing...
By the by your little boyfriend Andreus sends you hugs and kisses.
Love ya!!!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I just came across your blog through a mutual waiter blog, and I love your writings! You are very funny, you have a way with writing, and your pictures are great! I have yet to get to all your archives yet, but I will.

Hope your day is WONDERFUL! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment. I did reply to your thoughtful questions over there. I found your comment to be one of the best I have gotten thus far. Thank you.

Hope you had a great birthday!

Tawn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I came via Twisted Cinderella an will bookmark you. Have a great day- of course it's ALL ABOUT YOU