Friday, September 16, 2005

But They're Hard To Find!

Today while shopping at The Great Canadian Superstore in Whitehorse, Yukon, I came across chocolate croissants. I immediately bagged three of them and made my way to the cashier. Three? Yes. One for me, one for Eddie and one for "layta".

I always tell Ed that I have to buy them when I see them because they are so hard to find. He always counters that with, "Hard to find? Yeah, right. They are so hard to find. That's why you found them here, at Starbucks, at that bakery in Connecticut, the little place in Seattle...oh yeah, hard to find."

I looked at him and laughed when I realized that he was absolutely right. I do find them everywhere. I guess I'm stuck back in the time when not everyone made them. For some unearthly reason, they weren't popular. Only certain places had them and when they did, there were only like, three of them in the case. You had to get there first so you wouldn't miss out. So I guess I do get a little excited when I see them. I see them and blurt out, "Chocolate Croissants! Oh my God, I have to have one! They are so hard to find."

I wish they were hard to find because I have no control around a chocolate croissant. And when I do find them, they seem to find their way right to my ass.

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