Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hello, America!

We entered the United States today after being out of the country for over three weeks, one of those weeks spent in Alaska. Although I loved almost every minute of our journey, I am very happy to be home.

Many areas we passed through were so remote that it was hard for me to comprehend that people actually enjoy living there. NO stores. No fast food, no malls, no bookstores, no grocery stores, no hospitals, no nothing. It's one thing to enjoy solitude and choose to not live in a crowded area, but it's quite another thing to become Grizzly Adams.

We drove hundreds of miles without seeing anything. Well, I take that back...we did see moose, buffalo, bears, bison, foxes, caribou, cows and horses, but rarely a person. I don't really like the overcrowding of a city, even though my dream at one time was to move out of upstate New York into the City. I much prefer being on the outskirts of any big town or city with no more than a 30 minute drive to civilization.

As we drove down to Seattle, my head was spinning in a circle looking at all the cars and people and stores and stuff that I hadn't seen in the last three weeks. You would have thought it was my first visit to a civilized society. And to think, the first big task I have to do now that I'm back in the Lower 48, is laundry. Oh, how I dread tomorrow.

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