Friday, September 09, 2005

Chillin' In Anchorage

We finally made it to Alaska! We saw lots of snow capped mountains on the way in, traveling a winding road with sheer drop offs on each side, as we came into Anchorage.

There is no snow up here yet, except for the higher mountain peaks. Right now, it's about 55 degrees, raining and a bit overcast. It's not as cold as I would like, but it's certainly better than the heat we've been dealing with in the south. The area surrounding Anchorage looks a bit like upstate New York.

At dinner, Ed suggested we stay here for a week and vacation. We might go on one of the day cruises to see the glaciers close up and all the sea animals that are supposedly frolicking about. Ed thought it might be a nice thing to do for my birthday, which is two weeks away. After a nice dinner of Chinese food, we retired to a hotel to rest our road weary bones. We'll talk more about hanging out here once we see what there is for us to do. It could be fun!!

I will now start posting pictures from our trip through Canada. They will be tomorrow's post.

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