Tuesday, August 15, 2006



This is most likely the best way to love. Ferociously, with all your heart. Unafraid of being hurt or judged. Letting it all hang out. Sharing everything you have with one special person or many cherished friends. When you have someone in your life that you feel this way about, let them know how you feel. Show them. Tell them repeatedly. Act on it daily. Allow them in. No holds barred. Exposed and raw. Give them all of yourself and welcome all they are. Ferociously.


I take this literally; the exploring part. I travel, but I love to just explore. Everything. Ask questions. Investigate what you don't know. Discover new talents. Analyze your thoughts. Delve into life's little nooks and crannies. Pick apart someone's mind. See as much through travel as you can. Read everything you can get your hands on. Talk to people, young and old. Learn something new everyday if possible. Be relentless in your exploration.


Sometimes while you're deciding on what to do, the opportunity passes. Many times, you'll have another chance, but other times it is something that may have slipped away forever. All the more reason to act now. If you grab what you want when you have the chance, you can always let go if you decide it's not what you thought it to be. But what happens if you let it slip away? Do you live thinking about what could have been? What if? There really is no time like the present. You only get one life. Act now and live it to the fullest.


When you DO decide to pursue something once you have made a decision, you must plunge. Completely. No halfsies. All or nothing. Like diving into water; immerse yourself. Get in deep. Penetrate the surface. Let it envelop you. Swirl around in it. Feel it touch every inch of your skin. Bathe. Bask. Float. Relax. But first, you must plunge.

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