Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who My Baby Daddy?

After watching Jerry Springer this week (Don't ask. The TV had rabbit ears and it was the only station that came in clearly...) I had to wonder, as I usually do, WHERE do they find these people?

9 shows, 11 men later...Will I find the father today? is the tagline on this particular show.

The show featured several women who were trying to find the father of their children.

One woman, who had been on the show before, was once again trying to determine the paternity of her daughter. They tested ELEVEN men. ELEVEN. One of them being her husband (who was not the father), her husband's cousin (who was also not the father) and eight other men (who also turned out to not have fathered the child) and now, the last one to be tested....Man Number Eleven.....oh, the suspense....I can't wait....she is so sure he's the father..... We (me and the whole audience) all want to know. Is he?? Isn't he??

Oh, shit! No way dawg! The eleventh man is NOT the father. Holy crap.

I guess any problems I thought I had with my life just became really, really small.

Thank God I don't have to worry about any baby....let alone a baby daddy.


Anonymous said...

tooooo funny....Frank and I say the same thing woman was 200% sure and it wasn' ya...MAE

Twisted Cinderella said...

I can't believe she would have to test that many men to find out NONE of them are the father!!! OMG!