Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Taking A Lesson From An Eleven Year Old

Yesterday, I was reading a Dear Abby column where she was talking about how she firmly believes children are able to feel love for each other. Her column was in response to a letter a mother wrote, who thought it was inappropriate for her 11-year-old son to tell his girlfriend that he loves her.

Several people wrote in with their opinions of such young love. This is my favorite:

Dear Abby,

I am now 91. You gave that mother the right advice. I wish someone had told my mother the same. She scoffed at my "puppy love," but it has endured.

Eighty years ago I fell in love with Margaret Ruprect back in Dubuque, Iowa. I can still remember her golden hair shining in the sun and her laughter. I only got to kiss her once, but I'll never, ever forget her. If she's still living, I hope she sees this letter and knows I still love her.

Bob C.
Atascadero, CA

Well. If that shouldn't teach us all a lesson. Even at ninety-one, this man is open to finding love. It is sought after and needed, whether you're eleven or nearing the end of your life. Perhaps when found, it shouldn't be let go.

Knowing this man still has feelings for a woman he kissed once, eighty years ago, I'd say his story is a pretty good example of the power of love; even the pure, innocent love that a child can feel. Typically, I'd be the first to say Oh, they're too young to know what love really is but as an adult, I often find that we push away the feelings of love we sometimes have for someone because we are trying to be "practical" or "realistic" or making sure something is "perfect" before we even get into it.

Maybe we should just let it be what it is. Pure. There. Available. Waiting to be found.

Just don't let it wait eighty years.


Amy Guskin said...

Salena, I can't believe I'm about to say this about a Dear Abby column, but...that was really quite beautiful, and very touching. Call me an old softy, I guess!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and don't worry about the misspelling. There's a Usenet law, the name of which escapes me, that says that if you write to someone with a comment about their spelling, grammar, punctuation or usage, it's inevitable that you will make an error of spelling, grammar, punctuation or usage in your post. I suppose it holds true when you comment on blog entries about spelling, grammar, punctuation or usage, too!



Twisted Cinderella said...

that was a truly touching story. I hope that man finds his love.

Anonymous said...

Have you found your true love, yet?

Abundance said...

As a hopeless romantic, this story helps keep hope alive for me.....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! I believe that children's love is just as real as adult love. Adults do seem to make things far more complicated than necessary.

I hope he finds Margaret. I googled her, and nothing came up about where she might be now.