Monday, August 14, 2006

Remembering Those In Heaven

"Often we wonder in our grief what is gained by our belief?

Although night, and morning we pray, still our joys are swept away.

And loved ones we would keep, with the dead are called to sleep.

None is wise enough to say why the wicked seem to stay, and the beautiful and good leave before we think they should.

But if death seemed always just, soon in God we’d cease to trust.

If for evil, death were meant as a bitter punishment; should the wicked only die, then heaven we seek on high.

Having none we long to see would a fearful religion be.

It is only by belief we are comforted in grief; it is only by our trust that the God we love is just.

That we bear divinely planned. Grief’s we cannot understand.”

~ Edgar A. Guest (British born American Poet whose sentimental verses were widely read. 1881-1959)

* Photo courtesy of my best friend.

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