Friday, January 02, 2009

Ed Happy Little Trees Friday

It appears as if I'm now dating the reincarnation of Bob Ross; he's just as mellow and just as freakin' happy.

We're actually in a "hair growing" contest. Well, not really a contest, but Ed wanted me to grow my hair longer and I don't really want to, so he said if I grew mine, he'd grow his. He doesn't want to cut it till April. Argggggggggh.

Ed has naturally curly hair. Beautiful hair, actually. It's thick and has ringlets. Women tell him all the time about how they are jealous of his curls and the thickness. I'm jealous of his curls.

It's not this big on a regular day, it lays down nicely and gets a curly/wavy look to it. For this picture, I begged him to let me use a pick on it and create a huge fro.

Isn't he so accomodating? And so freaking happy! I am totally breaking up with him if he starts painting trees.


MeHereNow said...

I'm a little scared!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I want that hair. On my head, btw. Of my own. Growing out of my hair folicles.