Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pecking Order

My mother was talking to my five-year old nephew this week, asking him if he was excited about seeing our new truck.

"I've already seen it, Nana." he said.

"What do you mean, you already saw it??" she said.

"On the laptop. Aunt Salena showed me. Don't you remember?" he said.

"Ohhhh, I didn't know she showed it to you on the laptop." she answered.

"Yeah, she did. See, that's why I need a laptop. Maybe you can get one for me; it's only $211.00 and I really need it." (Helloooo....I want to know where to get a $211 laptop!!)

"Why do you need a laptop?" my mother asked.

"Because, Nana. I'm not good at pecking and stuff." he said.

"And how do you think the laptop will help?" she said.

"If I have my own laptop, I'll be able to practice and I'll learn how to peck faster!"

I just know my mother is going to be banging her head against the wall trying to find him a $211.00 laptop; I guess I should warn her now that they don't exist.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny. No concept. lol

Candy Apple said...

Psst. . . sweet stuff,

Here you go:

One laptop per child. What until you see the next generation. . .

Soo cool! And great for the world too!

Candy Apple said...

At Christmas you could buy one for your child and another for a child in a third world country. I don't see the purchase link right now. I believe they have that promotion a couple of times a year. The ASUS eee is an inexpensive (under $350)alternative, also on Amazon.