Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Over 140 Million Years In The Making

The following was taken from the sign in front of the arch:

"Wilson Arch was named after Joe Wilson, A local pioneer who had a cabin nearby in Dry Valley. This formation is known as Entrada Sandstone. Over time, the superficial cracks, joints and folds of these layers were saturated with water. Ice formed in the fissures, melted under extreme desert heat, and winds cleaned out the loose particles. A series of free standing fins remained. Wind and water attacked these fins until, in some, the cementing material gave way and chunks of rock tumbled out. Many damaged fins collapsed like the one to the right of Wilson Arch. Others, with the right degree of hardness survived despite their missing middle like Wilson Arch."

** Do you see Eddie waving in this picture? Enlarge it if you can't find him.


Gil said...

Poor guy looks like an ant, even enlarged, against that beautiful scenery!

Anonymous said...

I have always believed we lived in the most beautiful country. Your photos just prove it to be true!

TroyNtsn said...

I love arches, can't wait to get back up there.