Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do You Think Raquel Owns A Dog And Gets Enough Potassium?

I am 42.4 years old, but according to RealAge test results, I'm 43.7 years old. At the end of the test, it gave me a plan, showing the things that made my RealAge younger and the items that made my RealAge older.

It breaks each category down into Health, Habits, Relationships and Fitness and within each of those categories, it tells you what you need to do to lower your RealAge. According to the plan, the following are the things I do good and bad.

Apparently, it does me good to be a non-smoker, to sit in the non-smoking section (since secondhand smoke kills more than 40,000 people a year - hear that, all you smokers out there??), to not speed, to wear my seatbelt and to get just the right amount of sleep. It also keeps me young to drive a large vehicle (uh, like I have a choice), to have a diversified diet (I wonder if they see Dunkin' Donuts as diversified?), to brush my teeth often and to have perfect blood pressure (I'm always at 120/80).

As for the bad...I need to floss (I'm big on brushing, not so much on flossing), learn my cholestrol levels, not talk on the phone while driving (even though I do it hands-free by using a headset!) and work on getting an air-bag in the truck.
I also need to get more Vitamin E, boost my folate, potassium, and omega-3 intake and eat more fruit. And apparently, I should also buy a dog. Yep - supposedly they keep people young (well, pets in general, so I might have to get a rig kitty).

The fitness area is where I fall short. I need to get my heart pumping, lower my heart rate and shed the extra weight. No shit. Eddie and I did exercise in the truck today - my Walk Away The Pounds video. It was actually pretty awesome; we had enough room for the both of us to do the video and it only took thirty minutes. I can handle thirty minutes.

Overall, I think I can make some minor adjustments and get that 1.3 year spread to lessen a bit. In addition to getting in more exercise, I think I'm also going to print out pictures of Raquel Welch and post them all over the truck for inspiration. She may wear wigs (from her own line) and she may have had some plastic surgery, but at 69 years old, she still looks damn good.
Find out how old you really are. Take the test HERE.

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Lipstick Trucker said...

OMG I did the test..Real age is 49 after test it said 62.4 ok gonna go any cry now....

extenze said...

Aw man, I did the test and I'm ancient, brb out buying ice-cream now

Pat said...

More posts (pictures) like this and your readership will go thru the roof. But, I'll read regardless.

extenze said...

i refuse to believe that i'm older than the internet!