Monday, March 29, 2010

Try Finding A Parking Space For This

We thought we had seen the biggest truck on the road until we saw this:
The Big Red is the longest 5th wheel tractor known in the United States. It's 45 feet long from bumper to bumper with a 21 foot sleeper and two 11' x 6' LED screens with sound on the sides! It has slideouts like an RV - one on each side. It was awesome!

But...since it's primarily to be used for advertising and not actual work, it's not something we'll ever be seeing on the road hauling freight anytime soon but it was definitely a show-stopper.

Go to their website to see some video of the Red Giant in action!


Decorina said...


extenze review said...

i am like, just itching to sit in that thing :D

extenze reviews said...

sweet ride!

Anonymous said...

This rig was in Atlanta March 2, 2014. Heading south toward Florida. Never seen anything like it before. Now I know why: there's only one. It did appear to be hauling a revenue load. Maybe it's been sold since 2010.

The Daily Rant said...

ANONYMOUS: Interesting. It had a trailer and everything? Wow. I didn't think it could be used for something like that - length restrictions, etc. But maybe it has been sold. I bet they got a pretty penny for it!