Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Only Thing It Extends Is The Humiliation Of Having A Small Johnson

Today I saw a commercial for Extenze, another "male enhancement" product. In addition to telling you that there is "no reason" for a man not to have a larger penis and a better love life, they introduced Jimmy Johnson (former football coach and sports broadcaster) as their new spokesman.

What better person could they have gotten as a pitchman for their product than a guy whose
first name and last name are slang for "penis"?

And you know what's even better than that?? They're having some kind of contest in which you can win the opportunity to have dinner with him.

Yeah, cause that's what every guy using Extenze wants; a dinner date with an old man so they can talk about the length and girth of their penises and how much it's changed since they started using Extenze.

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Don Olney said...

I'd a lot rather meet Jimmy Johnson than that nerd guy they used to have???

extenze review said...

LOL well free lunch is always better than a paid lunch (^_^)

extenze reviews said...

yeah i'd go just for free food..

Potter said...

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