Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Like To Call Him The Kite Master

I was talking to my mother today about all the stuff Ed was doing to the truck and about the new surveillance cameras he bought.

She said, "Wow. What made him think of that?"

"Well, he wants to have cameras on the front, sides and rear of the truck so in the event something happens, it can all be recorded with a DVR." I said.


"Digital Video Recorder. He's even thinking he might set it up on the internet, so people can log in and watch us in real time as we travel around the country."

"Boy, he's amazing. He's really good with all that electricity stuff." she said.

"Yeah," I said, laughing. "He's a regular Benjamin Franklin."


"Benjamin Franklin. You know, the guy who supposedly discovered electricity." I said.

"Oh. I thought you said Benjamin Button and was thinking, Benjamin Button? but figured I heard you wrong."

Wrong is right. I'd rather be dating some balding guy with tiny wire rimmed glasses who has a penchant for flying kites in thunderstorms than a guy who is progressively getting younger and may reach the point where I have to start changing his diapers.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

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Lipstick Trucker said...

Great idea on the DVR.

Anonymous said...

the cameras are a cool idea. a friend set one up a few weeks ago so people could watch the snow fall. while checking that out I found one of a trucker running down the road. I'll try to find that again & send you a link. we have a camera instead of a spot mirror on the passenger side... basically useless for your blind spot, but great for watchin the driver parked on your left in the truckstop get out & take a pee..... I'm just sayin...;)

Anonymous said...

it's RuthAnn. for some reason it wouldn't post off my iPod on my account. as Gigi says. "boo. hiss". lol

Gil said...

How are some of the people that you deliver to going to react to the cameras?

Ruth and Glen said...

Another great story involving your dear, sweet Mommy ! We really enjoy these.

extenze said...

aw, never say never