Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ghost Rider

As most of you know, Eddie and I are team drivers but some people we've come across in the industry have a hard time believing it. They think Ed is a solo because they rarely ever see me. Even when he tells people I exist.

We do work as a team, but to be honest, our duties are not always equally distributed.
I was reminded of this recently when Ed met up with another team at a place we were both picking up freight. They were both outside of their truck, decked out in coveralls, ready to work. I was inside, watching TV. I guess they wanted to know where I was, so Ed came in and said, "You should come out and talk to this team; they're really nice."

Well, as I was in the middle of telling him that I wasn't interested in meeting any new people, I can see the woman through the crack of the door making a beeline for the truck. Too late. I'd been spotted.

Apparently, Ed told her that all I do is look pretty and drive. As accurate as that may be...that's not all I do. No, I don't do much of the tarping and untarping that's required on many of our loads, but I have helped when Ed needs me. But he never needs me. In fact, he often turns down my offers of help. The other team was slinging chains and throwing tarps and Ed bet them that he'd be done tarping his load before the BOTH of them could finish theirs. Of course, they didn't believe him, but as usual he was finished first and even went over and offered them his help.

All the while, I stayed cool, dry and clean in the truck awaiting his return. When we got to the drop-off location, it was the same thing. There was the other team, sporting their overalls and while making my cup of coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and spied the woman half of the team SITTING ON THE GROUND untangling bungees. Uh yeah, that's not my thing. I will drive until my eyeballs fall out, but there is no way I'm sitting in the dirt to untangle equipment.

Ed and I have a good system going here. It works, we get things done, it's cohesive and if I'm asked to do more, I always do. Ed's system is a fine art and I'm not messing with it.

I don't mind being a ghost rider.

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Pat said...

It's the system that counts. Yours works, so if you're happy and making money, that's what counts.

I'm part of a real estate team. My wife never shows homes, but she's a Realtor. I do all the showings and client interaction. She does all the paperwork and marketing. Again, it's a system that works.

Lipstick Trucker said...

Well I wouldn't be tarping or slinging chains either. I came in from my trip last night and asked the mechanic if they had chains for me as I am heading to Seattle tomorrow. He said yes they are in my trailer. I said they can stay there as there is no way I am moving them to the storage under my truck. heheheheh