Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Practicing For The Retirement Home

I don't know what the hell goes on back there, but I have once again, pulled a muscle in my back. I had the same thing happen two and a half years ago, which left me in a comatose position on a hotel room bed.

This time, I'm sitting in the sleeper of the truck, somewhere deep in the heart of Texas (as if that isn't bad enough), watching TV and being tended to by Ed. He makes me tea, refills my beverage and reheats the water for my hot water bottle.

I've been coughing almost daily since my bronchitis diagnosis after I got back from Italy (over a month ago!). The coughing aggravates this condition and although the pain has been minimal lately, one huge sneeze yesterday threw me back into semi-paralysis. My ass is killing me from sitting in this position for so long and even getting up to stretch doesn't give my gluteus maximus enough time to spring back to its original cushiness.

I hope this subsides in the next day or two since we have to work and I have to start my Christmas shopping. As traumatizing as that shopping event is for me, it still needs to be done. Of course, if I can't move I suppose it can be done online, which won't require me to get off my ass at all.

I'm sure the pain will eventually go away, but traveling in an 18-wheeler (which is not known for its smooth ride) doesn't at all help. Until then, I'll be popping ibuprofen, alternating between my ice bag and my hot water bottle and cursing my aging body.

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Tug said...

I've had back/hip problems since my daughter was born 30 years ago. I've had one back surgery for sciatica, and need another. Drop the heat. Ice only. I've had more than one chiropractor tell me when your muscles are pissed off, heat just aggravates them more, and I've found this to be true.

Much luck, back problems suck.

Anonymous said...

OMG! The fact that you can't cough is one thing but this not being able laugh crap it just not working. Come on the split personality cake, the rolled fondant that looks like the moon and the #1....PLEASE! LMAO


Angela said...

I second what Tug says about the no heat thing. Sure it feels good and makes your muscles go all gooey, but really it's just exacerbating the inflamation that is happening back there. Ice, I suggest telling Ed that tending to you also includes theraputic massage... he may be reluctant but just keep insisting it's the best thing for your situation. Keep icing, get resting, and I hope you feel better soon!

And if all else fails, find a bottle of wine and drink every last drop! ;o)