Monday, December 13, 2010

Wishing For A Blizzard But Will Settle For Flakes

When we woke this morning, the snow was still coming down. Steady but in very small, light flakes. It eventually stopped by late morning. The roads were dry and we were ready to head north.

I'm probably the only truck driver on the road who wishes for snow; most drivers silently and sometimes openly, pray for clean, dry roads. I don't love driving in the snow, although I'm not afraid to. I grew up in the snow and have driven in it for years. In a car, that is. In a truck, not as much. The last few years we were doing the UPS run, kept us mostly in the west. The farthest east we had gone during that run was Louisville, KY. And for three years, we were lucky to never hit any bad weather.

This year we're not doing that run, instead we have our pick of loads, going where we want, like we do throughout the year. We've been trying to stay on long, coast-to-coast runs so we can just get in the truck and drive, but in most cases, we just go where the money takes us. So far this winter, we've stayed away from the north although we did have a load up to Maine a little over a week ago. Unfortunately, they didn't have any snow.

I love the cold weather and wouldn't mind spending the rest of the winter in it. Ed is pretty indifferent to it. He never complains about anything and even today when he was out in 17 degree weather (with wind!) cleaning the road spray off my window, he didn't say a word about the frigid conditions. He just pulled down his cap, threw on his jacket and gloves and got the job done. Thank God there aren't two people in this truck bitching about the weather. I can barely stand listening to myself,

So to the northeast we go, and if Jim Cantore and his co-horts over at the Weather Channel have things right, it looks like we're fixin' to hit some pretty brisk weather. I'm going to be in absolute heaven, but I think I mightjust have to break down and buy a coat.

On another note, not related to weather, take a look at THIS.

That's right folks, The Plum Trucker is the first in a series of driver profiles over at Trucker To! Did they not pick the cutest little trucker to start with? Boy, Karl really knows what he's doing over there.

Kudos to him for the great choice and congratulations to Michelle for being his first subject!

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Roberta Warshaw said...

Nice blog and I love her banner with all the colorful plums.
Thanks for sharing that!

Gil said...

Well deserved honor for her! She really writes an interesting blog.

Ms. Crawford said...

I read your other post too, then had to read it to Kendall. I hope the weather improves for you guys. Sooo scary! Where are you at by the way? We are heading to Iowa and we are super light, only 5,000 lbs and I remember what you said, the light ones are the ones you have to worry about! I wish us both good luck! So glad you guys found a place to stay too.

Thanks for the plug about my profile. Like Kendall's mom said, you gave birth to this. And you are still nurturing along the