Monday, December 27, 2010

The Voodoo That You Do

While in Portland, Ed and I visited Voodoo Donut, the donut shop made famous by locals, The Travel Channel and other media mentions. We excitedly found the place, and stood in line for about twenty minutes before getting inside.

Once in, there was so much to look at. Painted pink from floor to ceiling, there are t-shirts, hand written signs, a little bit of graffiti and donut stuff everywhere; all illuminated by an overhead chandelier.
It was hard to make a decision because there were so many choices, so Ed opted for the Bacon Maple Bar, which is a raised donut with maple frosting and a slice of bacon embedded in the top of it, and I went for the Grape Ape, which was a raised donut with vanilla frosting, dusted with grape dust and an edge of purple sprinkles. Their box says, "Good Things Come In Pink Boxes". Suggestive, much?

Because we couldn't decide which donuts to get, we chose the "Voodoo Dozen" where they make the choices for you. This is what we got:

Sadly, my review of these polytheistic donuts is four thumbs down (supposing I actually had four thumbs). Ed's Maple Bar with the bacon was interesting (good mix of flavors) but the Grape Ape was cloyingly sweet, almost inedible. I ate it, but only because I paid for it, not because I thought it was delicious. And we still had a dozen in the box to eat.

Later that evening, I ate the donut with the chocolate and peanuts on top. No good. Ed had the one with the Oreo cookies on top; another disgustingly sweet disaster. The rest of the donuts went untouched. I eventually threw them away.

For a box of donuts to be sitting in my truck, less than three feet away, and go untouched for more than an hour, let alone over a day, there's something wrong. I can understand them being profiled for their odd store decor and unusual donuts, but it's definitely not because the donuts are good.

I'm glad I went, just to say I'd been there, but I'll never go back. Thank God I'll be hitting Dunkin' Donuts in Phoenix this week.

I need to wash the taste of Voodoo out of my mouth.


Gil said...

I'm down to crullers or old fashioned cake donuts - either plain, powdered sugar or cinnamon/sugar. Then again I am always on the lookout for a jelly don't with black raspberry filling or a cream filled with homemade Sicilian cream.

tina said...

why are you eating donuts if you don't want something sweet? maybe next time grab a bagel.