Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Chocolate Melts Away

Sometime last night we lost Teena Marie, one of the greatest R & B voices we've ever had; she passed away in her sleep at the age of 54. The music she made contributes greatly to the soundtrack of my life. When I think of where I was and what I was doing in the eighties, Teena was there. And although she grew up in California, she is SO New York to me.

This amateur video was filmed at the Artscape in Baltimore in the summer of 2006. Her voice is so clear. So strong. So inspiring. SO Teena. I'm just loving YouTube tonight for bringing back all of these memories!

Early on in her career, Teena Marie was thought to be a black R & B singer. It wasn't until her second album came out, with her photo on the album cover, that people realized she was white. She was called "white chocolate" and said to have a "black woman's voice trapped in a white woman's body". Her pipes could blow anyone's away! Listen to some of her other great hits as only she can sing them:

I’m Still Loving You: This video was taken from an episode of Live at The Apollo. If I wasn’t watching Soul Train, I was watching this show. This is a great, great song.

Square Biz: Who hasn't heard this one? Probably one of her best known tunes.

Portuguese Love: God, this is such a great song.

Fire and Desire: Teena with Rick James. Who didn’t make out to this song at least once??

I Need Your Lovin’: Boy, do I!

Casanova Brown: Just because I fell in love with Casanova Brown.

If I Were A Bell: Oh, Lord…that voice.

Lovergirl: I’m bouncing around my truck like I’m back in the eighties!! This song makes you just want to move!

Irons In The Fire: Beautiful.

Behind The Groove: I almost forgot about this one!

This last one isn’t by Teena Marie, but it’s one tight joint. I got a little sidetracked on YouTube. I LOVE this song and listen to it at least once a month. I cannot sit still when this one comes on; even if I’m driving, my body is moving. Jamaican Funk…let it get into you!

Funkin’ For Jamaica

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Gil said...

Sorry for your loss. I missed a generation or two on the music scene when disco was taking over the air from British rock I switched over to Country along with oldies, IMUS, 88 & 1010.