Friday, December 03, 2010

Eddie Lobster On The Brain, Listening Skills Disengaged Friday

I'm only realizing it as I write this, but today is Friday. All day, I've been thinking it was Tuesday. And I even said that very thing to Ed and he didn't correct me (HUGE clue that he wasn't listening to me).

We were up in Bangor, Maine yesterday and today headed over to Old Town, Maine to pick up a load we're taking down to Texas. I knew we'd be heading down I-95, so I mentioned to Ed that we should have dinner at
Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery, a place we've been before and really liked. We couldn't remember the parking situation because the last time we were here, we were in a rental car. I kept saying, "Well, it shouldn't be too bad, it's Tuesday." and "It's not tourist season anymore, it shouldn't be crowded, and besides it's Tuesday." and "Since it's Tuesday, I can't imagine they'll be that busy. Let's just drive by and see if we can find a place to park." He just kept saying "Okay."

It doesn't actually matter what day it was (although it does explain why the restaurant was busy) because we were going to have seafood. New England seafood. Choosing from the
menu wasn't too difficult since I knew what I wanted. We both had a crispy salad wedge with delicious blue cheese dressing, I ordered the scallops and Ed ordered the one and a half pound lobster. Everything was perfect; fresh vegetables, fluffy rice pilaf, baked scallops with just the right amount of butter and breadcrumbs and Ed's sweet, sweet lobster.

For dessert Ed had the Chocolate Encore Cake and I had the Lime and Coconut Cheesecake. It was the most delicious piece of cheesecake I'd ever eaten - instead of the traditional graham cracker crust, the crust on the bottom was made from toasted coconut! With a light lime glaze on top and a slight citrusy flavor in the creamy cheesecake body, I was transported to heaven.

The restaurant parking lot couldn't accommodate our truck, but Kittery is known for it's many outlets and we found a nice spot tucked away behind a row of stores just a short walk across the street. I'm really glad we had time to stop and enjoy a relaxing dinner. And quite frankly, I don't care that Ed didn't correct me on what day it was; as long as he was listening when I mentioned the name of the restaurant.

Robert's is a good time no matter what day you're there!

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Pat said...

that thing looks like it could walk right off his plate. I didn't know it was Friday yesterday either. My wife corrected me. I guess she was listening.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you guys the other day. I went to a book signing by Alex Debogorski from 'Ice Road Truckers'. They have the Reo Mobile Media truck going around with them. Apparently, it is the longest 5th wheel tractor known in the USA. It has a 21' sleeper....yes, 21 feet. Thought you might find it interesting. Here is the link to their page

Anonymous said...

Truckin Tedybehr we did see that truck at the Mid America Truck Show last year. It was amazing. They built it to use at events only. It doesn't really haul freight as it would be impractical. It is amusing when we go to the manufacturer of our sleeper that there are other drivers there that want bigger and bigger sleepers to the point that you might as well be driving an RV around the country instead of trucking freight. That is a one of a kind truck though and I would love to drive it around with the two screens on each side playing all the time.

Fandango Travelers said...

Boy - seafood sounds sooooo good right now. We are stuck in the middle of Kentucky waiting to pick up and head down to Laredo. At least there is a great H.E.B. close to the truck terminals for restocking!