Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Best Seat In The House

My favorite place in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD is sitting at the kitchen table in my best friend Vicki's house. My seat, which is used by her husband when I'm not there, provides the best view of Vicki working her magic in the kitchen. It also allows us to be face to face while it's happening. All of this is necessary for our endless conversations about nothing to take place.

On this day, she was breading eggplant slices to fry for part of our dinner. I brought the eggplant in from the truck because it's so much easier to do the work in a big kitchen, so I figured while I was there, I'd fry them up. But, Vicki expertly took over and I didn't resist. Look at how beautiful they are.

She also made breaded chicken cutlets (oh my god, juicy and deliciously crispy!), which are one of my favorite meals but one that I rarely make in the truck because it winds up smelling like the inside of a McDonald's fryer basket for a week. We paired the chicken with a beautiful spring mix salad and finished up the remnants of the antipasto platter she put out. The last bits of olive oil were sopped up with crusty Italian bread.

I LOVE being here. I love Nashville, I love this neighborhood, I love my friends there and I LOVE being in this house and with these people; Vicki, Anthony and their two kids, Mina and Michael. They are my family and Vicki is my most treasured relationship. Our vow, from when we first met over twenty years ago, was to spend our lives together. And I know that's going to be my reality.

Ed has promised more visits and more time in this area and I can't wait to come back. I've been looking at houses here for years and I'm really hoping 2012 will be the year I make my move. My fingers are crossed and I'm ready to write that downpayment check.

But even when I do have my own home there, sitting at Vicki's kitchen table will still be the best seat in the house.

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