Monday, October 03, 2011

The Power Of Gold

Here's my Mina Bean. Not only does she have Pixie Dust (that invisible substance that she unknowingly sprinkles on all those she comes in contact with, making them fall hopelessly in love with her), but now that's she's getting older, her physical beauty is becoming so evident. Her gorgeous brown eyes, her incredibly straight nose, the gold in her hair. I swear this child has actual GOLD weaved through her tresses.

This photo reminds me of the one I took in 2005. And just like that post in 2005, where she wanted some lipgloss, yesterday was no different. I wasn't in her presence for five minutes before she wanted a kiss from me just to get some of my lipgloss. She gets real close to me, and then purses her lips to smush up against mine, so my excess gloss will rub off on her and we can be "twins". I don't think she fully understands yet that she's definitely the better looking twin.

Although I do think she's catching on to the power of gold.

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