Sunday, October 30, 2011


Years ago, I saw a segment about a teenage mother who started making jewelry as a way to make money to support her and her daughter. I wrote a letter to her mother Darcy Rosner and we wound up connecting via Facebook and then recently connected on LinkedIn. You can see the video of her daughter Anna Sullivan, here:

And you can see their jewelry on their site, Sweet Bananaberry. I love that these pieces are handmade in Massachusetts; it's so nice to find something not made in China these days.

Seeing this creative jewelry, hand made by people with creative minds, makes me really want to get my act together and start doing something crafty again. I used to do a lot of sewing when I was younger and I've made a simple pair of earrings for myself and friends, but I've never really done anything elaborate.

I love having a creative outlet and I continue to be drawn to this medium - every time I'm in Barnes & Noble, I leaf through the beading and jewerly making magazines. One of these days, I'll make something like this:

Until then, you'll have to get them from jewelry makers like Anna and Darcy. Do your part to support local artists!!

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