Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shopping Hysteria

Nordstrom Rack has finally come to Tucson. You'd think people were lining up to see Jesus Christ in concert. I love Nordstrom Rack, but I've been to them all over the country, so it's nothing new for me. Yes, I'm excited that it's here, because now I don't have to drive to Phoenix to shop in one. Tucson has NO upscale department stores; no Nordstrom, no Saks Fifth Avenue, no Lord & Taylor, no nothing.

When I got an email that today was the grand opening, I thought I'd go. How many people could there be? I said to myself. The opening was at 9am and I thought I'd get there around 8:15. What the hell was I thinking?? There was a line from the front door, around the side of the building and then snaking back and forth like long concert lines. It was ridiculous. There was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I was going to stand in line to go into a store. No way in hell.

So, I took a few pictures and went back to my car. Before I left, I drove along the curb to listen to the countdown on before they opened the doors;! The throng of people surged forward, some actually running. The woman on the loudspeaker actually had to reprimand them - adults, mind you - not to run in the store. Can you imagine that?? I'm sure it'll make the paper and the local news, since there isn't much going on here otherwise to get excited about.

I drove out of the parking lot shaking my head. I hit Starbucks for a latte, Einstein's for a bagel, and then headed back to the house. I'll go in the new year, when the excitement dies down. Until then, I'll shop online.

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Gil said...

Never hearing of N's Rack before I saw this post I thought that it was a store for large breasted women!

Angela said...

That's insane. And the closest thing we have to "high end" is Macy's and Elder Beerman. Which are both pretty much only frequented by the silver hair types. I went into Macy's a while back, before the wedding, looking for something specific for the wedding and was seriously the youngest person there.

And I hate crowds, I'd probably not even bothered taking pictures. Just high-tailed it outta there! haha

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