Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better Than Team Drivers

I've seen plenty of teams in trucks before but none as cute as this - and I'm not a dog lover. In fact, I don't even like dogs. But when I saw these two, I had to snap a picture. I whistled, they both came to the window, and then looked right over at the truck while I took their picture.

They sort of look like an old couple, don't they, him with the grayish beard and all? A very alert old couple, but one that's clearly comfortable together. Their body language is perfectly in sync.

Now that's what I'd call a road dog.


Belledog said...

They're wonderful.

I wonder how their driver keeps them safe and cool when it's a zillion degrees out and driver has to be away from the truck for a while. (Yeah, like never mind those are bad conditions for humans, too.)

Anonymous said...

They probably have an apu or generator with a/c or they leave their truck running with the a/c on

Belledog said...

I'm thinking that too, but I'd be worried the power would go out or something. Not like the dogs can ring your cell. How far does a baby monitor extend?

Angela said...

Love it. I want a dog but we are not permitted to have pets in a company truck. But I'll be getting one when I go off the road again. Hubby will just have to deal... he's not a fan either.