Friday, March 16, 2012

The Town Under The Giant Oak Tree

This was taken guessed it! The Circle Bar Truck Corral in Ozona, Texas - one of the many undesirable little towns between El Paso and San Antonio, along I-10. If only I could drive through the entire state of Texas with my eyes closed.

It's located in Crockett County - named for Davey Crockett - a county which has the distinction to be known as one of the nation's leading producer of wool and mohair. When Ozona was founded in 1891, it was named Powell Well, after land surveyor E.M. Powell. It was
renamed for the high quantity of its open air, or “ozone”.

There's not much to the town, but at least they have a gas station and a Sonic, which is great because you can fill up with gas and tots and quickly get the hell out of town.

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Gil said...

Has to be better than being stuck in CA!