Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barrio Viejo

I was in the downtown Tucson area and thought I'd drive around and look at some of the houses in the Barrio Viejo, an area that's been around since the 1800s.  I've been down here before to take pictures, in the pockets of the neighborhood that have all these cool colored houses, most of them beautifully restored.  I'm not a fan of the southwestern architecture, but I do like the colorful houses. 

If you enlarge this one, you can see a metal spider climbing on the wall just above the garage, near the roofline.

A little seating area to use while passing time chit-chatting with the neighbors.
This purple is so deep and so beautiful, but not gaudy.  I'd paint my house this color in a heartbeat!  It's one of my favorites on the block.
Although not an original structure, the people who own the home below built it in the tradition of the original homes in the area and have had a hand in helping to revitalize the neighborhood.

I love the lime green and yellow. 
So bright, so cheery! 

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Marlaina said...

You MUST take us there the next time we see you in Tucson. I LOVE this architecture, I love the colors. It's one thing I love about the southwest, the adobe houses. On the trip to Nogales when we delivered down there, there is some place, can't remember the name, that has a housing development using the most incredible color palettes. Beautiful against the sky.

Belledog said...

Thank you Salena. This was lovely.