Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ten Reasons Today

Ten reasons I love my Eddie:

10. He always wakes me up with sweet kisses.

9. He listens to all my celebrity gossip updates and tries very hard not to roll his eyes.

8. He is a great kisser. GREAT. GREAT. GREAT.

7. He massages my feet, back and hands, even if I don't ask.

6. He thinks I'm beautiful, sexy and fun.

5. He is patient, loving, kind, honest, generous, loyal, smart and respectful.

4. He is handsome, with a great head of hair and the twinkliest blue eyes I have ever gazed into.

3. He is a great driver, doesn't panic in emergencies and always makes me feel safe on the road.

2. He will snake the truck into the teeniest parking lot just to get me an iced latte.

and the number one reason I love Eddie today...

1. He loves me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This post so sickenly sweet, but it made me want a Eddie too.....You Lucky girl!