Friday, October 20, 2006

Fight The Moth

Ed and I were laying in bed the other night, talking about our day, pondering the houses we had found online, discussing the latest movie we saw, etc.

He was busting my chops, teasing me about something when I said to him, "You know, you are really lucky to be in bed with me right now. There are people who would be line up to be in your position. You would have to fight them off."

He said, "Fight the moth??"

And this is precisely why I have fodder for discussion when I'm talking to my girlfriends about men and the ginormous communication gaps we have to endure.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Put that in a script.

Reminds me of a great exchange in Steve Martin's Roxanne:

C.D.: [shouting through the front door] Ten more seconds and I'm leaving!
Roxanne: [opening the door] What did you say?
C.D.: I said, ten more seconds and I'm leaving! Wait a second! What did you think I said?
Roxanne: I thought you said, "Earn more sessions by sleeving."
C.D.: Well, what the hell does that mean?
Roxanne: I don't know. That's why I came out

Real Live Lesbian said...

That's perfect! I have a feelin' that I might have to "fight the moth" if women knew exactly how wonderful my girl is.

Let's just keep that our little secret.