Friday, October 05, 2012

Scenes From An Italian Kitchen

The scene at my grandparent's kitchen table, September 1962. 

I'm not sure why everyone looks so wiped out, it must have been a long day.  My uncles and my father (from left to right - Uncle Tony,  Uncle Augie, my father) look so Italian and so Guido in their white t-shirts, gold crosses around their necks, and slicked back hair.  Of course, I think my father is the most handsome of the group!  And my Nanny and Poppy (my mother's parents) look exhausted. 

But where are my aunts and my mother??  And where is the food??

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Gil said...

And the ever present cigarettes and ashtrays bigger than macaroni bowls!

The Daily Rant said...

Gil: I was going to mention that! Remember those big ashtrays?? We had crystal ones as big as your head! LOL

Gil said...

I have one of the big crystal ones on the workbench with odd nuts & bolts. One of my grandmothers had some flip top contraption that they emptied the ashtrays into. Oh and the gallons of Gallo and other wine.