Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There's No Mistaking He Was The Guy In Charge

Last year, in October, my step-father Frank passed away. Today he would have been 91. I am posting this photo of him taken at Masten Lake in New York, sometime in the seventies. 

I didn't know Frank when this photo was taken, as it was a few years before my mother and he got married, but this was exactly how he looked when I did meet him (minus the 70s era bathing suit).  He was a man who commanded attention (look at that "king of the beach" stance), and he was never without that damn whistle around his neck when we were at the beach (he also doubled as the life guard).  This photo is courtesy of my cousin Maria and I'm posting it today in memory of him - he 
was a unique man and was loved very much by all of us.

We miss you, Franchi!

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Gil said...

Nice tribute to your stepfather! He looks like he was in great shape for his age.