Thursday, November 29, 2012

No, Not Harry Potter. GRACE Potter.

Today a reader sent me this video.  They said, "Hopefully this might brighten your day. I know how much you love Adele and Nashville and I would venture a guess you have already heard of this band....but wow if you missed them."
Um, I did miss them.  Where the hell have I been??  This is just like when I discovered Amy Winehouse a few months before she died.  I clearly live under a very big rock.

Actually, the first time I heard of Grace Potter was on The Voice, when Adam Levine had Amanda Brown, one of his team members sing her song "Stars".  He made a comment about Grace Potter not being very well known, but that he really liked the song.  Amanda knocked it out of the park and that night, I downloaded the song.  And now a reader sends me this song.  Thanks, reader! 

What's funny about my reader mentioning me liking Adele and the TV show Nashville, is that I recently posted about this song from the show.  I loved it.  On that particular episode, the band that the character Avery plays with was talking about opening for another band called The Lumineers.  I didn't even know The Lumineers was a real band.  Man, am I getting old.  So, I looked up who The Lumineers were, and came across this song by them, which of course I love.

In my defense, I have to say that I almost NEVER listen to the radio, so I never hear new stuff. When I drive, I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, but Ed listens to a lot of current music from all genres and I will often ask him if he knows a particular song; he almost always answers yes.  I frequently call him Britney because he knows so much about current, popular music.  I also frequently find myself saying "You know this song??"  He even knew about the Gangnam style guy.  Don't ask. 

I love discovering new music - like when I picked up the free song card in Starbucks which led me to Sara Bareilles.  Or when I saw the Adele "Chasing Pavements" video late at night on TV in a hotel room long before anyone knew who she was.  And I love when a person turns me on to music I wind up really liking.  Like when my personal trainer (yes, I had one many moons ago.  MANY moons ago.) turned me on to Counting Crows.  Or when my cousin turned me on to Dave Matthews.  Or when my best friend turned me on to Sugarland. 

I'm so grateful.  Because when someone recommends something to me that I wind up really liking, I feel as if that person has really paid attention to me;  my interests, what I've been saying, what I've been talking about.  They get me.  Even if they don't know me-know me, like my reader.  So again, to the anonymous reader who sent this recommendation, thank you.

My heart is full and my iPod is bursting with happiness.

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Pat said...

I married Grace Potter. Now you may say that's not that weird, but her dad is Harry Potter. And I share my name with the lead singer of Train.

The Daily Rant said...

PAT: That's great! I'm sure at his age, her father doesn't get ribbed too much about the Harry Potter thing, it it's still funny. Well, not that Harry or Potter is a funny name....well, you know what I mean. :) And I never knew the lead singer of Train's name. Now I'll never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the band. I looked up "Stars" and found the version from the Voice. Very good too.

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