Friday, November 16, 2012

Let The Stockpiling Begin

By now, you've surely heard of the demise of Hostess. Personally, I think the workers did the right thing. Sure, they're out of a job, but they stood up for their rights, their money, their benefits and themselves. The company thought they could intimidate them into taking the shit end of the stick, while the executives got bonuses. More workers should do this very thing. If it weren't for the people working for these companies, they wouldn't even have a product to sell.

That said, a moment of panic did set in when I heard the news. For me, it wasn't because of the Twinkie. For me, it was the possibility of never seeing a Devil Dog again in my life. 

Devil Dogs are a product of Drake's Cakes and
Drake’s is owned by Hostess, and they not only make Devil Dogs, but Yankee Doodles and Coffee Cakes too.  Drake's is really only available on the East Coast, and are the snacks I grew up with.  Well, not really "grew up with' since my mother never let us eat junk food, but they are snacks I ate once I left the nest and in a way, they're a little nostalgic.

I'm sure another company will buy Hostess and continue making the treats people love (even though statistics are showing that less people are buying snack cakes), so I'm not completely worried.

But I will be stocking up on whatever I can find in the next few days and I've already put a call in to my cousin in New York to buy me a shitload of Devil Dogs and send them to my house.

They freeze exceptionally well (and frozen is my preferred way of eating them) and I need to be fully stocked for the apocalypse.

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Gil said...

Hopefully, someone will will buy the brands and start producing product again in the near future. I probably haven't eaten any of those things in 30 or 40 years. As a kid I could do damage on Hostess products.

Anonymous said...

they are still making them in Canada