Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When You Walk Like That, Talk Like That, Look Like That...

Not only do I love the city itself, but I am also in LOVE with the new TV show Nashville

They've already done some really great covers,
like this one, which I absolutely adore, and this video from last week's episode featuring the song "Kiss", sung by Jonathan Jackson (who plays Avery Barkley on the show), is fantastic. 

It's not country, as you might expect from a show titled Nashville, but who cares?  This kid has got some incredible chops. 

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Chelsey said...

Just came across your blog...I am IN LOVE with the song "Kiss" from Nashville!! I downloaded it on itunes, and have repeatedly listened to it! My new favorite song!!

Unknown said...

This music is something I never thought would get to me or move me like it does. A girl from Sheffield in England who didn't even begin to apreciate it before. Enjoying it so much. But wow. Absolutely blown away by Kiss and that performance. Incredible.

The Daily Rant said...

HELEN: I'm an off and on country fan, and this stuff that this guy does is not usually my style, but I think it has such sexiness to it. It's like the song crawls all over you. LOL :)