Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Real Way To Save The Planet

Recently my friend Vicki was telling me about some of the behavior problems in the middle school her kids go to.  Seems 90% of the arguments, out-and-out fist fights, bullying and teasing starts out on Facebook outside of school hours, and then continues in the classroom and on the playground (or whatever they call it these days).

She said she was talking to one of the teachers the other day and told her, "That's why my kids aren't on Facebook and will never be on Facebook as long as they live in my house." 

"How does that work?" the teacher said.

"How does what work?" Vicki said.

"How do you get them not to go on Facebook?" the teacher said.

"I tell them they can't be on Facebook." Vicki said.

"And that works?" the teacher said.

"Yeah.  Why wouldn't it?" Vicki said.

The teacher seemed perplexed.  As if telling a kid what to do and expecting him to do it was a foreign concept.  Vicki said it took restraint not to say, "Are you kidding me??  You're a teacher, and a parent, and you don't know how to control a kid??"

That's one of the biggest problems with parents today.  They have no control over their children.  Kids don't listen.  They're not afraid of getting in trouble because the parents don't discipline them, so there are no consequences to face.  They rule the house.  They throw tantrums.  The refuse to do what they're told.

Too many mothers are more worried about how they'll look to other people if they flat out told their kids to shut up, sit down and listen.  They don't want to "bruise" their child's self-esteem.  They don't want their kids to think they aren't "loved".  They don't want to punish them for fear of what it'll do to them when they grow up.

WHAT???  If you're lucky, your discipline will help them be a decent adult.  They won't grow up to be bigger versions of the little brats they are now. 

Every once in a while, your kid needs a good smack in the mouth.  Shit, nine times out of  ten, I want to smack your kid in the mouth.  I'm appalled at what kids get away with these days.  There are too many mothers who are worried about the reactions of a kid they already know is a problem and one they already have trouble controlling.  In general, parents today suck.  They certainly aren't the same quality as my parents.  Or my grandparents.

You might not be able to control your kid when they're eighteen or twenty-five, and you can't be held responsible for what they do or say when they're thirty or forty years old.  Hell, I know that first hand - my mother is often not thrilled about what I say, do or even write on this blog, but I'm FORTY-FIVE years old.  I can essentially do what I want. 

But when I was seven, ten, sixteen?  Living under her roof, eating her food, using her electric and generally living life as a kid?   Getting smacked in the lip was a regular occurrence if I stepped out of line.  If my mother said I wasn't talking on the phone for a week, I wasn't talking on the phone.  If she even looked at me funny, I knew how far I could go before getting in trouble.  And you damn well better believe my parents controlled every aspect of what went on in our house.

If you think telling your kid they can't have a Facebook account isn't possible when they're in seventh and eighth grade, you not only have big problems, you're likely a shitty parent. 

For the sake of others, grow a pair and take your responsibilities seriously.  Try not to send another little asshole out into the world.

There are too many out here already.

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MAE said...

,,,great post, you're sure gonna get some flack...kids rule the roost now-a-days, not the mother...

Kevin Moriarity said...

This is great! I feel this way especially on airplanes and in restaurants.

The Daily Rant said...

MAE: Isn't that the truth? Order needs to be restored!

KEVIN: Oh, I have so much more to say on this subject! As for airplanes and restaurants, I'm right there with you. In fact, in restaurants, I specifically ask not to be seated near a table with children because it's RARE to find ones that behave. As kids, we went out to eat all the time - to NICE restaurants, not Applebee's and Chili's - and we wouldn't think of misbehaving. What's with these parents that let their kids stand up in the booth, kick and scream, or worse, wander the dining room being underfoot of waitresses and other patrons? Unacceptable. If your kid is screaming, get off your ass, pick them up and GO OUTSIDE. Or do what my mother would have done - smack me in the lip. LOL

Gil said...

And the wooden spoon! If it is used for anything else than stirring the gravy the parent stands to be arrested and have the state take the kid(s)!

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: My mother had a ARSENAL of wooden spoons! I can't tell you how many were cracked over my brother and I. Today they'd call it "child abuse" - but then today, they call letting a kid stand in the corner "child abuse". Maybe if they brought back the wooden spoon, we wouldn't have so many disrespectful, unruly kids floating around.

Gil said...

Salena, Forgot to mention the wooden spoon delivery guy. My paternal grandfather was a barber. He lived in the Bronx and took the train up to New London when he came to CT and we'd pick him up. He always had his barber's bag as he had to make sure that my father, brother, I and any neighbors got decent haircuts. As we got a bit older my brother and I figured out that the barber's bag contained those lethal wooden spoons from the Bronx. One trip we offered to carry his bag and took the wooden spoons out on the ride home. It didn't stop my mother as she had a supply just like your mom.

Stephanie Kissner said...

Hooray!!! I have the most admiration for parents who have we'll-behaved kids!

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: Your grandfather was a wooden spoon smuggler?! SO funny. You know, my paternal grandfather was a barber too - he had a barber shop on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. And my grandfather ALSO cut everyone's hair - there were four boys in the family (grandchildren) and all of them got haircutes. Including me, and when he was done I looked LIKE a boy!! I cried for days every time he cut my hair. Thankfully, he didn't have any wooden spoons though. :)

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