Friday, May 03, 2013

At The Drop Of A Hat

The only man I ever saw cry over a scene in a movie or TV show was my father. He would cry at a sad scene in The Waltons, a moving moment in Little House on The Prairie, or even a very touching Hallmark commercial.

He would have a tissue handy and if you asked him what was wrong he'd say, "Oh, I just have something in my eye."

It wasn't just movies and TV he'd cry over.  Emotional family moments, proud parent moments, tears of joy.  He didn't mind showing tears, but he was also a quiet sobber.  You'd see his body heave in a sob, but you wouldn't hear him.

Until he sniffled.

I'm just like him.  I cry at everything.  Just tonight I was watching a TV show that had me in tears.  Then I watched a movie that had me crying.  Ed was sitting right next to me, playing a video game, looked over and said, "There's something wrong with you." 

I cry weekly during Grey's Anatomy.  I even cry for the winner of Project Runway.  I'm emotional like that.

Unlike my father, I don't claim I have something in my eye, I just let it out.  But just like Daddy, I know to have a tissue ready.

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