Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Came O And Went O

You'd think being in Texas for Cinco de Mayo would be a big deal.  I didn't even notice it was happening.  Then again, we didn't hit any bars or restaurants that likely were having drink specials or music or both.

We grabbed a burger at Red Robin (Yum!), spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble (Yay!), went for a ride on our bikes in the beautiful outdoor shopping mall (all the stores were closed), then went back to the truck and worked on figuring out how to mount them to the frame of the trailer. 

We've been burning the midnight oil like mad.  And by midnight oil, I mean the wee hours of the morning oil.  We haven't hit the sack before 4 a.m. all weekend.  We will have to start going to bed at a normal hour because we do have to get back to work eventually. 

One more thing...I know it's only day two, but I'm kinda likin' the bike riding thing. 

But let's see what happens when summer comes - bicycles don't have the kind of air-conditioning I like.

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DLG said...

You can get one of those mist thingies to keep you cool. Actually that sounds like fun.