Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Serene, Even Serial Killers Would Be Drawn To It

Parked on the edge of town, today we took our bikes and explored Main Street and its surroundings in Moab, Utah. We must have ridden ten miles.

We rode the Mill Creek Parkway trail several times - to and from one of our destinations, and then another time because it was the only way we knew how to get to a particular street - throughout the day we went to a bike shop, a bakery (the BEST oatmeal cranberry cookie I've ever eaten!), for lunch, another bike shop, and to the grocery store. 

Ed rode back with a watermelon in the backpack - tied to the bike rack, not on his back.  I didn't trust myself with it because it was pretty big and I thought the weight of it on the back would throw me off balance.  I'm just getting used to the bike, you know.

The bike path cut through a lot of these places, and where there wasn't a path, the streets - with the exception of Main Street - were wide and devoid of traffic.  On Main Street, which is essentially a state highway and traveled fairly heavily - including those pesky 18-wheelers - there are some areas that have a bike lane or a wide parking area on either side where bikes can ride.  There were some areas where we had to snake around parked cars, but we made it work.

Although it's almost always too warm for me, the weather has been relatively nice and riding the bike creates a nice breeze.  I only seem to get hot when I stop.  Thankfully, there were a lot of trees on the bike path and the streets are tree lined, so I had many shade spots.  And there were no serial killers, which is always a plus.

Let me explain.  The Mill Creek Parkway path was pretty well-traveled, but there were a few areas obscured by trees.  I joked with Ed saying "and this is where the killer comes", which is a running joke between us about the places people go which would seem the most obvious areas for a killer to emerge from.  That's when he said, "Yeah.  Like The Mill Creek Killer." 

"Oh my God, yeaaah." I said. 

The Mill Creek Killer is a serial killer from an episode of Criminal Minds

Super creepy.

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Anonymous said...

Lol, your turning into your mother. Not one thing wrong with that either! This post could of been written about your mom and Ed out for a bike ride.

MAE said...

...OMG, I thought the same thing, Criminal Minds, even before Ed made his