Friday, June 21, 2013

Stop. Look. Read.

Once in a while I read a website that posts a compilation of stuff found on the internet.  I thought I'd try something similar, sharing a few of the things I come across in my many hours of reading and web surfing.

The first thing you have to do y'aaaall (poor Paula Deen), is go check out my latest piece in The Guardian.  And share it with your friends - Tweet it, Facebook it, Email it, Plus-one it.


Make time to listen to
this amazing podcast.

Take a few quick minutes to walk down memory lane by reading the story behind MONOPOLY pieces.  Which one were you?

Keep the people of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in your thoughts as they deal with record flooding - the amount of water in the river doubled in 24 hours! 

Tear a page out of our TV watching book and get sucked into "Treehouse Masters" on Animal Planet like we did.  Where did this treehouse building trend come from anyway?Also, read this article, which I came across today.  I want to stay at the one in France.

And in closing, know that my step-father was right all along.  In some cases, cheaper is better. 

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