Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Snip, Shop, Sip

Today Marlaina and I got our hair cut at the O Coiffure & Spa on the fourth floor of the Ogilvy department store.  Daniel was our stylist.  Originally from France, he's been in Canada for over twenty-five years.  He was trained in Paris. 

When we left, we felt brand new again.  Especially since both of us had been letting our hair grow for weeks in anticipation of this trip.
The store was beautiful.  Set up in boutique fashion, each department seemed like its own exclusive little shop. The staff to patron ratio was very noticeable, and from what I was reading in a visitor's guide for Montreal, it's very common for salespeople here to keep their distance.  They let you shop without interruption.

Every department sparkled.  The lighting was beautiful.  The displays were eye-catching.  The clothes and jewelry and shoes and handbags and, and, and....they just made me drool.  They even had a furniture department!
I mention that because it seems department stores just don't have them anymore.  You might find housewares, or bath and bedding, but not actual furniture.  Look how pretty everything is.
After our haircuts, we walked back to the apartment and stopped at Café Humble Lion for a latte and bakery snack.  Perfect.

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june in florida said...

Hey how about a picture of the gorgeous haircuts?

Belledog said...

June beat me to it.

We need to see the haircuts!

dlg said...

That is what I'm wondering too.

The Daily Rant said...

My haircut was gorgeous right after he styled it, and I tried to take a cellphone picture, but it didn't come out good so I'm not posting it. :(

Then, we walked back to the rental apartment, and my head got all sweaty and any style to be seen was ruined. Again, I say :(.

It never comes out at home like it does in the salon. Those tricky bastards! :)