Saturday, June 15, 2013

Guarding The Life Of My Eddie

Of all the places to go for a swim - the first of the summer - Ed found the only pool open in a town of 3,000 in North Dakota.

The cute college girl lifeguard (sitting in the foreground on the right side of the photo) was on duty waiting for her first save of the day.  After Ed did five or six laps, I was convinced it was going to be him. 

We were the only ones at the pool.  The wind was crazy, whipping across the hilltop the pool facility was perched on.  I sat timing Ed's laps, eating Fruit Loops from a Ziploc bag.

The funniest part about the pool is when I called to find out their hours and fees.  I told the girl who answered the phone that we weren't residents, just visiting for the weekend, and she told me the cost was $3.00 for lap swim from noon to one, $5.00 for open swim the rest of the afternoon. 

When I asked for the address, she told me they were "way on the north side of town" and asked if I was familiar with the town.  I tried not to laugh because it took ten minutes to get familiar with the town and "way on the north side of town" was located 1.6 miles from where we were parked. 

Which was "way on the south side of town".


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